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Ive been a long time customer of All Fur You, every order is delivered on time and the quality is outstanding... One of those ones you "should have found sooner!”

Anne P.

Cat Face Cat Cave

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Color: Black

Soft and Cozy Cat Caves in Black or Brown/White/Black

  • Warm hideaway for cats, kittens and small doggies
  • Made of beautiful 'felt like' crystal microfibre, with a polyurethane cushion
  • Anti Skid Base: dotted across the underside to help keep the bed in place
  • Puuurfect gift for pets and pet lovers.


Cat Face Cat Cave
Color: Black
  • Color: Black


  • Furry Friend Hideaway

    Treat your best buddy to a little privacy in the comfort of their own home :)

    Easy to assemble and selt standing, they're a cute addition to any room

  • Instead of a Padded Mat

    Kittens through to adult cats love a soft place to sleep. Especially one that is warm in winter.

  • Beautiful Materials

    Soft 'felt like' Crystal Microfibre and spandex with a foam cushion inside. The cave holds its shape well, stays warm in winter and cool in summer. It also features a non slip base

Anti Slip Base

Thousands of tiny dots across the surface keep kitty (or puppy) from sliding too much on an excited entry or exit!

Ready to Ship

Packaged and ready to go inside a re useable carry bag.