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Ive been a long time customer of All Fur You, every order is delivered on time and the quality is outstanding... One of those ones you "should have found sooner!”

Anne P.

Wobbler Slow Feeder Bowl

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Color: Grey

Add a new challenge to your dog's meal time with the wobbler bowl.

  • Weighted base allows it to wobble and slide without tipping over
  • Moving food adds a new dimension to meal time and stimulates interest
  • Slightly hidden inside the bowl, so dogs need to pop their nose in to get to it
  • Comes completely apart for cleaning
  • BPA free human food grade plastic which is dishwasher safe
Wobbler Slow Feeder Bowl
Color: Grey
  • Color: Grey

Other Features

  • 1 Litre / 35oz Capacity

    This Pet Water bowl has a large and practical capacity. Because the water is covered with the floating disk, evaporation is minimized. During the summer months, water will last longer and remains fresher.

  • Prevents Wet Fur

    The floating disk stops your pet putting their whole mouth into the water at the same time. Keep your pet's hair dry and your home clean.

  • Allows in car use

    Stopping so the dog can have a drink is no longer necessary, they can sip away as they please with a bowl which won’t spill over bumps or around corners. (*note: toilet breaks still necessary!).

Anti Splash and Anti-Spill 'no spill water bowl for dogs' Design

 The waterproof edge strip and floating disk design combine to prevent water from spilling out, keeping your floor dry and clean. The design allows the bowl to be used in the car whilst driving, the water wont leave the bowl even when cornering. The no spill dog bowl design is perfect for vehicles and dog crates, it is a highly portable dog water bowl

Slower Drinking

The automatically adjusting floating disk only allows access to a small amount of water in the middle at one time, effectively slowing down the pet's rate of drinking. When pressed, the disk sinks below the water level so larger pets quickly learn how to use the bowl, while smaller pets and cats simply drink from the centre of the disk. This slow drinking dog water bowl is also perfect for cats!

Cleaner Water

By limiting the amount of water exposed to the air, floating dust, hair and dirt won't fall into the bowl like a normal water dish. The result is cleaner water for longer for your pets. Kittens, Cats, Puppies and Dogs love it