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Ive been a long time customer of All Fur You, every order is delivered on time and the quality is outstanding... One of those ones you "should have found sooner!”

Anne P.

Spill Proof Dog Bowl 1L

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Color: White

1 Litre (35oz) Spill Proof, Anti Splash Pet Water Bowl

  • Large and practical capacity for multi pet families or larger dogs
  • Dimensions: 22cm x 22cm x 5cm high
  • The floating disc prevents pet's mouths from entering the water, they drink with their tongue.
  • Stops the 'wet fur' then dripping around the house. Clean and Safe!
  • Slows drinking down. No chance to gulp.
  • Perfect for in car travel. The design won't slosh and spill
  • Cleaner Water Longer; less surface area picks up less dust
    Spill Proof Dog Bowl 1L
    Color: White
    • Color: White


    • Hygenic and Leak Proof

      A rubber seal to keep water fresh and ready along with a push button lock prevent any spills in your bag or while on the run.

    • Durable and Safe

      BPA Free, human grade plastic make it a reliable and safe choice for your pets.

    • Carbon Filter

      An added bonus is the replaceable carbon filter. If picking up water when out and about its is added peace of mind.

    Way to go for long walkies

    Keep pups hydrated when there's no reliable supply. Whether it is the local suburban trail or out in the bush.

    Slower Drinking

    Manage the rate of flow yourself to prevent a thirsty pup from drinking too quickly.